LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fall is here and Winter is coming

Summer is almost gone here, and it was a very nice summer.  Fall is in the air with lower night temps in 30's and 40's and highs 50's and 60's.  The wood stove has had some fires lit to take the chill off some mornings the past few weeks.  I've been home all summer, except for one camping trip.  No need to go camping when I live in a forest where it's beautiful everyday with wildlife to watch out my windows.  
The squirrels have been busy dropping sap-filled pine cones, landing on the deck outside, getting the sticky sap all over, to get on my shoes and Paddy's feet. Everyday I sweep them off, and every morning I can hear them hitting the roof, falling onto the deck. The eaves are most likely full of them; a job that needs to be done sometime, but not before they are still dropping them.
This morning's batch

Summer was fun this year here.  My Mom and Dad, William and Evelyn, sister Denise and nephew Andrew came to visit in July for 10 days.   The weather was perfect for them.  We drove to Fairplay one day for lunch at the Brown Burro Cafe, browsed the tiny thrift store, hardware store, and of course a few groceries to get.    It was a week of family good memories.   Mom and Denise and Andrew helped me get firewood, too.   We cut down trees, cut up all the logs we gathered and dragged to the house.  Mom and Dad broke up kindling into bins, to be stored downstairs.  My, it helps so much to start a stove fire with that kindling.   With the trees I've cut down and blocked into logs since they left, I should have enough firewood this year without buying any, like last year!   There's so much dead wood on this property no need to buy any.   And that's what I've been doing with my new chain saw.  

Dad had painted a portrait of Satori last winter, so it was presented to her.  Isn't it good?   They kept it a secret, and she was surprised!

Mom, Dad, Denise breaking up sticks

 Loggers Andrew, Denise and I
Logger Denise

We took a drive to Tarryall Reservoir.  This bison herd was running by the highway.  Beautiful animals.

 The spillway at the reservoir is a gorgeous place, with the river running by us.

Mom and Dad came back to visit again in August, flying into Denver, where I picked them up.  Another 10 days with them here was very nice.  Mom helped me with firewood this time, stacking it on the deck where I can get to it easier, and we started a big pile of logs out in the yard.   Of course we went to eat in Fairplay again!    They were here during the Summer Olympics, so we watched that quite a lot.  

Made pizza for dinner one night, good good.  We always had good food, thanks to Mom helping with the cooking.   She bought some Colorado peaches and canned them here.

A momma bear and two cubs came to visit.  Mom spotted her first out by the camper.  She walked down into the yard and turned and left.  Two cubs were with her.  We all watched from inside! They've been seen all over out here this summer.  

Peach tarts I made.  Colorado west slope peaches were wonderful this year, and the west slope Olathe sweet corn.  

The one camping trip this year was the yearly family and friends gathering in Lost Park Wilderness, pretty close to where I live.   A week of fun and games.  We couldn't have any campfires, because of the fire bans, but we still had a good time.   

 Saturday was kick ball, where many played and had a great time.

Satori and Peach

Now the aspens are beginning to change to yellows and golds, and there's a chill in the air.  Time to get ready for another winter here.  Who knows when the first snow will fall?  I hope not til December!

til next time
Enjoy your days

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 2016

Well, Hello again friends and's been too long, I realize it..yes..procrastinating and reading all the other blogs daily that I follow.  How would I ever be able to write every day??  just not enough news from here for that.  My days are the same same, and I love it that way.  why, just this past weekend, I quit wearing the long underwear leggings!  It's finally summer here...finally..highs in the upper 60's to 70's, lows in the 40's with lots of afternoon rain showers...almost daily now.  It's so green here with the aspens leafed out..took 'em long enough!   nice to see green again here.   I love watching the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and hummingbirds.  so many hummers this year..just wowed by them..can stand at the window and watch them for a long time.   There's been a few new birds this Spring. A bright yellow bellied one with brownish feathers on it's back..there's a pair I see once in a while, and this year a pair of Northern Flickers.  wow..such grand beautiful birds.   Of course always Stellar Jays, chickadees, red-headed woodpeckers.   Last week, I spotted my first bobcat walking through the property!   I still haven't seen any fox, but that doesn't mean they aren't here.   no bears yet, but I did put up bear proofing on the tree by the deck.  I got the idea from watching the Alaska shows on TV. :)  pound nails into boards all the way through, and hang them on the trees so the pointed nails are sticking out. 

Some new pictures below.

A mid -May snow storm, what a surprise!

A Springtime pic in May of Casita. Aspens not leafed yet.  I think it was a tease of summer to come day.

Resident "Lucky" squirrel

A Spring time front blowing across the valley

More Winter pics, or could be the May snow storm

New bird with yellow belly; the male I think.

Porch sitting 101
Sometimes a big cloud comes up with heavy rains..this one first week of June.

Paddy in his favorite spot.
A new look to the living dining room for warm weather
Bear proofed tree

Red-headed woodpecker trying to drink like a hummer.

And then there was the on-going knitting!  I absolutely love knitting, and can spend hours doing it.   Mostly socks, but occasionally I might make a sweater.       enjoy....someday, you, too, might get a pair.  :)

fingerless mittens:

knitting 2 socks "at once" using leftover sock yarn

fingerless mittens

Heavy socks using worsted weight yarn instead of sock weight.  Very warm!

some very nice sock yarn I got for Christmas..loved making these.  :)

I may have missed some of the knitting pics. I try to take a picture of each project as it's finished.   Presently there's 2 pairs of socks going on my needles today.  

So that's the news from here at my cabin in the woods.  Have a wonderful summer wherever you are.