LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Hello family and friends

Yes, it's been over a year since this blog updated.  No reason, just haven't done much out of the ordinary.  My life is simple, same routine everyday.  I visited my family in Kansas last spring, and they came to visit me in August.  good times always.  I only went camping once with my son for his birthday in August, didn't even de-winterize it.  Used the solar for 3 days.   

Paddy, my dog, and I are home all the time, and I'm fine with that, here in my cabin in the woods in Colorado.  Summers are short and nice, winters are long and cold.   I use a furnace at night, and the wood stove in the daytime.   We got a short blizzard yesterday with blowing ice and snow for several hours.  Today, it's sunny, but cold 14 degs high 25.

My time is spent watching tv, movies, sports, knitting, cooking and reading.   Have had some lung issues, so I use oxygen at night and in the daytime, too, when needed.  High altitude....probably getting closer to when I need to sell and move to a lower altitude, closer to Dr's, family, etc.   I love it here, but some things I can't control.  enough of the bad news!

A few pictures taken this year follow.   Have a good winter to all.
Diane and Paddy

My birthday in Sept with my family

My car and camper this summer in the yard

Getting older!

I went fishing one time and caught a trout and ate it.
Tarryall Reservoir

Fall colors

This bear came to visit

Finished in February

Dad and Mom at our favorite cafe in Fairplay

Denise and Andrew Fairplay

Enjoy all your days!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


It's a quiet summer here; I haven't gone anywhere besides a few trips to the Denver area for appointments, etc, and don't plan any long trips this summer.   The camper is still winterized and I have no plans of camping this summer, so might as well leave it winterized.  Save me work this Fall.  I had back injections under anesthesia 3 weeks ago, and have been resting mostly to let it heal. The last time I had the injections a year ago, I got ready for a camping trip and went camping, where I think I did too much and the injections ended up not helping much, so this time, I've been taking it easy.  I need to be able to do some logging this Fall on my property to get some firewood in before winter.   I have a furnace now, and won't need as much firewood, but I still use the wood stove.

Right now in mid-July, it's the best time of year here.   Temps are perfect....70's day; 50's at night.  It's starting to be the Colorado monsoon season, thank goodness, since there so many wild fires around the state.  Daily showers come in, sometimes only for a few minutes, but enough to help with the extreme dryness.  I'm looking forward to the days it rains more than a few drops.  :)

This part was written later:
Well, it's August already..summer is short here.   I had my parents, my sister and her son here last week to visit.   We kept busy either cooking, eating, taking day trips somewhere, and sis and I cut trees down and cut them up.  worst part was getting them to the house.  But a great deal was accomplished with her help.  I still have 2 huge pine trees to cut up and a few aspens.  Will have enough for this winter, plus have use of a furnace.  yay!!
We ate very well!!  plus out to eat a few times, too.   It's sure quiet here again with them gone.  I have been resting since they left. lol   

 Mom and Denise
 Woodland Park meetup with relatives
 Puzzle put together
 Dad and Mom visiting the camping group in the rain
 Rain doesn't keep us from seeing a grand-daughter and great grand-daughter
 Dad and Mom
 That chair got a lot of sitting
 Dad and I in Fairplay for lunch

Andrew, Denise, and Mom in Fairplay for lunch

It's been raining everyday for over a week.   The fireban for this county was lifted a few weeks ago.  I am so grateful for no forest fires.  Monsoon rains are here in Colorado.   Soon the summer will be be over for this year.   September will bring leaves turning to gold, then that dreaded S word to come.

It's been a nice summer here.